Watch American and U.K. TV channels in shanghai , Beijing , China ?

We offer american tv channels and UK tv channels service in Shanghai and China. If you are interested in below these tv channels , PLease contact us .
Precondition : Your home have Telecom or Unicom internet and router.
we offer you one tv box with one year subscription , You can get below tv channels ,
001 HBO HD
002 HBO Hits HD
003 HBO Fmaily HD
004 HBO Signature HD
005 Fox Movie HD
006 Fox Action HD
007 Fox Family Movies HD
008 Fox Crimes HD
009 Fox HD
010 Fox Taiwan HD

DishHD IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin , Shenzhen , Guangdong , China

How to know if iptv box work at your place ?

Your place have telecom or unicom internet and router , download speed at least 30Mbps.

What we offer you ?

Offer our one IPTV box with one year subscription to you.

How about is your price ?

Add wechat for it . All users share the same price unless you recommend us successfully.

Can you renew for our iptv box after expiried ?

Yes. Please contact us if your iptv box not work any more.

What tv channels do you have ?

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