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CSTV offer professional Satellite TV & IPTV Subscription Info Service For Expats Community at local price.

CSTV offers IPTV Solutions to all interested people. IPTV Packages contain : Inspire IPTV , Digital Online IPTV , English IPTV , India IPTV , DishHD IPTV , IPTV-1 , Global Sky IPTV , Japan IPTV , Korea IPTV, Africa IPTV , Europe IPTV , South America and North America IPTV, Asia IPTV and Middle East IPTV ......One IPTV package contain more than 300 tv channels , It need Telecom or Unicom internet support via router.

Watch satellite iptv is available for all people because almost all families internet speed up to 50 Mbps.

If you would rather like Satellite TV , Then We can install Global Satellite TV and DDish Satellite TV for you. Satellite TV need install satellite dish antenna which face the south direction... Ddish TV package from Mogolia , It also contain some english tv ie CNN , BBC , Arirang TV , BBC LifeStyle , BBC Earth , BBC Entertainment , HBO , Star World , E ! ...

Please tell us which tv package do you want to take away and when we can deliver or connect it if you think our rate is ok.

So far Most customers choose IPTV service because it contain more tv channels and more stable and more better ! Rediscovery your tv !

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Last updated on 2018-12-15


Choose one long term service provider is your smart choice !

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We do long term business and we have a lot of 10 years satellite tv users and 5-6 years iptv users too...

Because my english is limited , only say these . Thanks to all users.

We serve you if your side have any problem.
Just call us during Office time hours and we will solve your problem by discussing on wechat regarding all matters.
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