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CSTV offer professional Satellite TV & IPTV Service For Expats Community at local price.

CSTV offers IPTV Solutions to all interested people. IPTV Packages contain : Inspire IPTV , Digital Online IPTV , English IPTV , India IPTV , DishHD IPTV , IPTV-1 , Global Sky IPTV , Japan IPTV , Korea IPTV, Africa IPTV , Europe IPTV , South America and North America IPTV, Asia IPTV and Middle East IPTV ......One IPTV package contain more than 300 tv channels , It need Telecom or Unicom internet support via router.

Watch satellite iptv is available for all people because almost all families internet speed up to 50 Mbps.

If you would rather like Satellite TV , Then We can install Global Satellite TV and DDish Satellite TV for you. Satellite TV need install satellite dish antenna which face the south direction... Ddish TV package from Mogolia , It also contain some english tv ie CNN , BBC , Arirang TV , BBC LifeStyle , BBC Earth , BBC Entertainment , HBO , Star World , E ! ...

Please tell us which tv package do you want to take away and when we can deliver or connect it if you think our rate is ok.

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Last updated on 2018-5-15


Maybe many persons are doing IPTV business but not all persons have the same iptv package , their prices are very different and subscription date are also different , some people do short terms business and make the price is very low and let their users watch several months go away and can not find them . so choice is very hard proceed to subscribers.

How to choose the right provider ?

Your friends recommandation is the most best factor because he watched one year or more years , so he or her recommend the dealer.

The second , to check how long the dealer offer IPTV Solutions. ( ie CSTV , IPTV serve most Expat Families more than 7 years ) , They have rich experience and know how to make iptv work well and know which iptv package more better and stability.

Not always compare the price.

If you buy cheap things beyond its price , Maybe you can not get the best service , or subscription is not enough one year and you call him and no response often happen.

Now more better IPTV coming , H 265 , 1920x 1080 HD channels , VOD , playback , timeshift , all these function is more better iptv standard, Want to know more detailed info , Please wechat us and we can discuss and help you get the best iptv solution .

Buy or Sell is products trade , it happen when buyer and seller all agree with the price , so when problem come , try to solve and keep good heart mentality, not urgently to express : if you not refund me or i will go to do police bureau, in fact , it has nothing to do with police station because it is deal , not handle by police department , its management right belong to industrial and commercial bureau , iptv servers sudden stop electricity or repair maybe led to some Users can not watch for that moment , So you must understand and give the provider time to do sth and make it recover soon , not always feedback many times and need not let the dealer go to your home to check always because it can not solve the problem , meet this situation , Only waiting is the best way.All dealer also expect the servers run well and no problem happen because they are doing the business , no iptv working and no business and no money , all persons know that . So please understand this because no iptv provider in China Now , all from overseas. Even if have several providers in china , also doing piracy-chain and not stable , you know that. Our IPTV need not VPN support , run very well , even if you have VPN router , our iptv still working well , quicken technology platform and make IPTV working and running more better.

Need know more info and want to become our user or friends ? Please contact us by below info,

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We do long term business and we have a lot of 10 years satellite tv users and 5-6 years iptv users too...

Because my english is limited , only say these . Thanks to all users.

We serve you if your side have any problem.
Just call us during Office time hours and we will solve your problem by discussing on wechat regarding all matters.
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