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CSTV offer professional Satellite TV & IPTV Service For Expats Community at local price.

CSTV offers IPTV Solutions to all interested people. IPTV Packages contain : Inspire IPTV , Digital Online IPTV , English IPTV , India IPTV , DishHD IPTV , IPTV-1 , Global Sky IPTV , Japan IPTV , Korea IPTV, Africa IPTV , Europe IPTV , South America and North America IPTV, Asia IPTV and Middle East IPTV ......One IPTV package contain more than 300 tv channels , It need Telecom or Unicom internet support via router.

AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°E

AsiaSat 7 free to air tv channels are available in China. Normally it need to install 1.35-1.5 meter ( in diameter ) satellite dish antenna to pick up signal in Beijing and Shanghai....

Main TV Channels as fellows :


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