Asia Satellite 5 at 100.5 E | Middle East Satellite TV , Arabic Satellite TV

AsiaSat 5, a Space Systems/Loral 1300 series satellite, is equipped with 26 C-band and 14 Ku-band transponders, with a design life of 15 years. A replacement satellite for AsiaSat 2 at the orbital location of 100.5 degrees East, AsiaSat 5’s C-band footprint covers more than 53 countries spanning from Russia to New Zealand and from Japan to the Middle East and parts of Africa. AsiaSat 5 also offers two high-power fixed Ku-band beams over East Asia and South Asia, and a steerable beam.

Global Satellite TV Subscription in Shanghai , China

G Sat (Global Satellite) is a subscription-based Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite television service commercially available in the Philippines. G Sat is owned by Global Broadcasting and Multimedia Inc. (GBMI) and First United Broadcasting Corporation, registered in the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

AsiaSat3S :: Pakistan TV :: Indian TV :: HUM TV :: TV 5 France :: DW

Asia Satellite 3S need to install 1.35 m c band dish face the south west direction. If you like american tv , russian tv , germany or japan tv etc , you can choose install free to air tv channels from asiasat 3S at 105.5 E. all tv channels can stable reception. so when you rent or buy one apartment , please check satellite tv need south expose ( south direction ).

Dream Satellite TV Subscription in China

Dream Satellite TV Service are available in Beijing,Shanghai, Suzhou. Install 50 cm dish antenna face the south west direction at your home.

CSTV Service for Expats in China, We offers your favorite TV channels like Australia plus, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2 , Star movies, Basketball TV , CNN, Star World, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network, National Geographic, H2 , France 24 , History Channel, Crime & investigation, Animax, AXN , Discovery, Asia Food Channels, DW Asia plus TV, MTV Phil....

We recommend dream tv package to you, all channels below:


DishHD Satelltie TV Subscription | Installation in Shanghai

DishHD Satellite TV Package from Taiwan , So far DishHD tv channels have a big change , Please conct us if you want to install it.

What tv channels in DishHD Package ?

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CSTV offer professional Satellite TV & IPTV Service For Expats Community at local price.

CSTV offer IPTV Solutions to all interested people. IPTV contain : Inspire IPTV , Digital Online IPTV ,Super English IPTV , Super India IPTV , DishHD IPTV , IPTV-1 , Golbal IPTV-1......IPTV have more tv channels , it need china telecom or china unicom internet support , your home must have Telecom or Unicom Internet and router.
Current internet speed can watch any iptv package because almost all families internet speed up to 10 M bps.

King IPTV Package

Phoenix HD
Channel NewsAsia
Fashion TV
Phoenix H.K
Phoenix Information HD
Channel [V]
FOX Mov pre
福克斯 电影精选
FOX Act Mov
福克斯 动作电影
FOX Sports 3
福克斯 运动3
FOX Family
福克斯 家庭电影
Animal Planet 
国家地理 野生

AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°E

AsiaSat 7 free to air tv channels are available in China. Normally it need to install 1.35-1.5 meter ( in diameter ) satellite dish antenna to pick up signal in Beijing and Shanghai....

Main TV Channels as fellows :

Digital Online IPTV

001. HBO HD
002. SKYNet HD2
003. HBO Hits HD
004. HBO Dmaily HD
005. HBO Signature HD
006. Fox HD
007. Fox Movies HD
008. Fox Action HD
009. Fox Family HD
010. Fox Xrime HD
011. Pili
012. 台视财经台
013. HD Movies
014. Star World HD
015. NGC
016. NGC Wild HD
017. NGC People HD
018. Discovery HD
019. Discovery Science
020. EVE HD
021. Discovery Turbo
022. TLC
023. Travel HD
024. Fox Sport HD
025. Fox Sports 3 HD Live
026. ASN


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