Tata Sky IPTV Subscripition in Beijing and Shanghai , China

Tata Sky IPTV package contains 343 tv channels. If your place have China Telcom or Unicom internet and Router ( download speed up to 35Mbps ) , Please contact us if interested.

What do we offer you ?

One tv box with one year subscription.

Can you install it for us ? If other brother city of China ?

Yes if you are in Beijing and Shanhai , Kunshan , Taicang .

How to connect iptv with tv set and internet ?

Inspire IPTV Subscription in China

How to know if iptv work at your place ?

Your place must have download speed 30Mbps Telecom or Unicom internet and router.

How to know my internet download speed ? by which speedtest app to know ?

Download speedtest app to you mobile phone and install and click test to test , you will find it.

Can you renew for it after one year ?

Yes , We can renew by our contract price. Discount will happen if you can recommend us successfully.

If not your tv box , can you renewal ? How long ?

SKY Net TV Subscription in Beijing , China

SKYNET Direct to Home (DTH) is a Satellite television pay TV operator provided nationwide in Myanmar by Shwe Than Lwin Media Co.,Ltd. It was launched in November 2010. Sky Net broadcasts a total 113 SD channels and 10 HD channels via Apstar 7 satellite. It also provides internet services in the Pacific Asia area. Owner by Sino Burmese businessman, Kyaw Win who is also the chairman of Skynet. Skynet have media staffer and employee more than 2000.

Ddish TV Subscription in Beijing

Mongolia Direct to Home System can be installed in china. It need to install 45-55 cm dish antenna face the south east direction , no high tree or high building block the signal on this way. Please contact us if interested.

IPTV-1 Subscription , Installation , Renewal in Shanghai , China

Watching your IPTV anywhere in the World !

IPTV-1 contain 297 tv channels from all over the world. It is High definition tv package , We offer you one high quality android tv player ( Above Android Version 4.4.4 ) and activate your subscription , it will begin to work for one year. . Please mail or call us if interested. Our Multi-function android tv box can load many tv software to active to watch more overseas international tv channels.


DishHD Satellite TV Installation in Beijing | HBO , CNN , ASN , Fox Sports , Star Movies , NGC , Discovery

Dear DISHHD Subscribers,

When you TV screen displays "Your TV account has been expired, Pls contact your local TV dealer". it means that your dishhd need to be reactivated and renewal subscription . We can help you renew it and ensure that it will work again.

How to proceed ?

Pls turn on your dishhd receiver, press 'Menu' button for twice, It will show Receiver CA ID and Smart card ID, You need to tell us about your CA No. (such as R 01005588-xx) Smart card No. (such as S1310085280-xx ).

Shanghai Satellite TV Installation | DishHD Satellite Service in Shanghai

DishHD Satellite TV Installation in Shanghai

We offered the best DishHD Satellite TV Package for Interested people. It is official and licensed satellite tv package , DishHD can guarantee you watching your tv stably.

Dish HD Satellite TV Package contain below tv channels,

Taiwan Satellite TV Installation in Shanghai


Taiwan Digital SKY TV Package is available in shanghai. it need to set up one 45 cm ku band dish to pick up satellite signal. your home must have the south east direction because the dish face the direction.

Main TV Channels :

Filipino Dream Satellite TV In Shanghai , Shanghai Satellite TV Installation

Dream Satellite TV contain current TV Channels , Please contact service if you are interested in below tv channels,

Dream Satellite TV Installation in Shanghai

Dream Satellite TV contain current TV Channels , Please contact service if you are interested in below tv channels,


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